White Rice

White Rice



In 2003, Peruvian archaeologists say they have discovered the oldest rice grown world. The indicated time, dating back 15,000 years, challenges the accepted view that rice cultivation originated in China about 12,000 years ago.

These results were received with strong skepticism by the scientific community, and the results and their dissemination have been cited as being driven by a combination of nationalist and regional interests
Rice harvest in Kurihara in Japan.

In Japan it is cultivated for at least 7000 years, rice is a strong presence in the daily life of Asian people. In many cultures of the continent, it is common for a mother to give the newborn a few grains of rice already chewed, a ritual which means his arrival to life.

In Vietnam, the cereal is so integrated into the soul of the peasants that many are keen to be buried in the rice fields. During the funerals there is ample distribution of rice, as many parties, singing and dancing.

Rice production in Portugal began to be documented in the early years of the eighteenth century. Although cultivated long before in the southern regions and a legacy of Muslims only as of this date there was cereal presence of records in the vicinity of the Tagus estuary.